A question we regularly face is why we are involved in so many different kinds of business? Answer is very simple, we do different things in same way for following reasons:
Food, clothing, shelter, health, and finance are the common needs of men and women. These are the 5 basic needs to lead life with honor and dignity.
For the sustenance of life there are things that are considered rudimentary. These are the minimum requirements of a person for a decent standard of life. Human beings cannot survive in the absence of these things. There are physiological and additional needs also. Food, shelter, clothing, health and finance are the common needs of men and women.
1. Food is the primary need of a person, without which survival is impossible.
2. We need shelter to live in and ourselves from sun, storm etc. The house gives us protection.
3. Clothing is also necessary for everybody. It protects one’s body from hot, cold, dust etc. It is a symbol of making human beings a social being.
4. Health is considered as a human right. Good health is very important for the survival of a being.
5. Lastly, finance is the need of the family. Finance supports us to handle difficult situations of life and to sustain in life for growth with honor in all expectations.
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