Indian Basmati rice has a very different aroma & taste from Chinese & Thai Jasmine rice. There are many “knock off” varieties grown in the US & other countries, but none match authentic Indian Basmati for flavor, aroma, texture, & appearance. Basmati contains the natural, 2 actyl-1-Pyrolline content of PPM 0.06, which brings its unique aroma, unmatched by any other rice in the world. This highly aromatic rice is India’s gift to the whole world.
The very word ‘Basmati’ has originated from Vasumati which means earth recognized by its unique fragrance. According to Ayurveda, Basmati, the king of all varieties of rice, is saatvic or pure, is nourishing for the body tissues & is easy to digest.
Throughout history it has been on royal menus of various cultures as the main dish. From the pilav of Turkey, to polou of Persia, pilafs of the Steppes & paellas of the Mediterranean, to the pulau of India it has been served to great Maharajahs, Sultans, Nawabs & Emperors. Spices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables & herbs with Basmati rice transform rice dishes into extraordinary meals.
Here at ‘Ametheus’, we offer the indigenously grown, authentic Indian Basmati Rice, where each grain is further perfected by using 100% automated, ultra modern & high-tech rice milling & processing technologies, duly packed under strict hygiene conditions untouched by human hands.

Pure 1121:
Pure 1121 Basmati Raw Rice AGL 8.35 mm
Pure 1121White Sella Basmati Rice AGL 8.35 mm, 8.20 mm, 8.10mm, 8.00 mm
Pure 1121 Golden Sella Basmati rice AGL 8.35 mm, 8.20 mm, 8.10mm, 8.00 mm
Pure 1121 Steam Basmati Rice AGL 8.35mm, 8.20 mm, 8.10 mm, 8.00 mm

Mixed 1121 :
1121 Basmati Rice Parboiled (80% pure +20% mix) AGL : 8.10mm Max
1121 Basmati Rice Parboiled(70% pure +30% mix) AGL: 8mm Max
1121 Basmati Rice Parboiled (50% pure +50% mix) AGL: 7.65mm Max

1509 Basmati Raw Rice AGL 8.40 mm
1509 Basmati Steam Rice AGL 8.40 mm
1509 Basmati Golden Sella Rice AGL 8.40 mm
1509 Basmati Creamy Sella Rice AGL 8.40 mm

Pusa Basmati Raw Rice AGL 7.5 mm
Pusa Creamy Sella Basmati Rice AGL 7.5 mm
Pusa Golden Sella Basmati Rice AGL 7.5 mm
Pusa Steam Basmati Rice AGL 7.5 mm

PR 11 Raw Rice AGL 6.90 mm
PR 11/14 White Sella AGL 6.90mm
PR 11/14 Golden AGL 6.90mm
PR 11/14 Steam AGL 6.90mm
PR 106 Creamy AGL 6.90mm

PR 47 Sella AGL 6.4mm
PR 47 Steam AGL 6.4mm

Sugandha Raw Rice AGL 7.90 mm
Sugandha White Sella Basmati Rice AGL 7.90mm.
Sugandha Golden Basmati Rice AGL 7.90mm
Sugandha Steam Basmati Rice AGL 7.90mm

Sharbati Raw Rice AGL 6.90 mm
Sharbati White Sella Basmati Rice AGL 6.90mm
Sharbati Golden Sella Basmati Rice AGL 6.90mm
Sharbati Steam Basmati Rice AGL 6.90mm

Printing on Bags: As Per Client’s Art Work or private label

Packs Available:
PP/BOPP Bag: 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 50 Kg, With Mouth Stitched
Jute Bags: 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg
Tyvek Paper Packs: 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg
Poly Pouches: 500gms, 1 Kg, 5 Kg
Pet Jars: 2 Kg, 5 Kg
Festival Pack: 2 Kg


There is a multitude of variants available at the farm level. For ease of selection, they are typically categorized in the following 3 broad ways.
Pusa Basmati – 1
Pusa 1121 Basmati
Traditional Basmati

Pusa stands for Pusa Institute in Delhi is a commonly referred name for the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) New Delhi. IARI is one of the premier research institutes of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which comes under the Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. It is headed & managed by India’s top scientists who work continuously on maintaining optimal genetic pedigree of India’s agricultural seeds. It is the developer of the most popular Pusa Basmati 1 & Pusa 1121 Basmati.

Pusa Basmati – 1:
“Pusa -1” – A boon for farmers & their growing concerns, this variety has been developed after R&D from the Pusa Institute in the early 1990’s. Keeping the limited cultivation area & the ever increasing demand in mind, the research yielded ways of producing a greater quantity on the same l& through the natural process of hybridization. This variety revolutionized the Indian basmati Industry & gained India’s entry to many inaccessible markets. The popularity & production increased multifold in the decade that followed its development.
The Indian rice mills played a crucial role in popularization of this variety via introduction of this variety in their respective brands. This variety gained Indian rice mills tremendous advantage in bridging the gap between farmers & consumers.

Pusa 1121 Basmati:
“Pusa – 1121” – The latest entrant to the basmati basket, Pusa 1121 was also developed by Pusa Institute in April 2003 but has nothing in common ( attribute wise ) to the “Pusa Basmati” above. It is the longest basmati grain in the world- before as well as after cooking & gives 30% more volume than any other basmati variety. This variant can be recognized by its unique aroma & special sweet taste. This variant has excellent global acceptability that spans Middle East, Iran, Australia, Africa, Canada & even USA. It commands the most premium price & is most preferred among farmers & buyers today.
Indian rice mills played a pivotal role in commercialization of this variety & introduced it to the world in its brand which met with tremendous success.



Traditional Basmati:
“Traditional Basmati”- this common phrase is used to refer to older varieties that are in still production. Two popular varieties 370 & HBC 19 among others are collectively called Traditional. Due to their lower yield they have gradually phased away & have been replaced by a newer variety – CSR-30. Today, a majority of export is CSR-30- which is a recently evolved variety. It has the lowest yield compared to the two varieties like Pusa-1 & Pusa – 1121.

Ametheus Basmati Rice



      Code Code Code Code Code Code Code Color Code
S.No Rice Name Series 1Kg 2 Kg 5Kg 10Kg 20Kg 25Kg 50Kg  
1 Ametheus Premium Steam Basmati Rice Supreme 80011 80012 80015 800110 800120 800125 800150 Green
2 Ametheus Regular Steam Basmati Rice Celebration 70021 70022 70025 700210 700220 700225 700250 Pink
3 Ametheus day2day Steam Basmati Rice day2day 60031 60032 60035 600310 600320 600325 600350 Yellow
4 Ametheus Premium Sella Basmati Rice Supreme 80041 80042 80045 800410 800420 800425 800450 Green
5 Ametheus Regular Sella Basmati Rice Celebration 70051 70052 70055 700510 700520 700525 700550 Pink
6 Ametheus day2day Sella Basmati Rice day2day 60061 60062 60065 600610 600620 600625 600650 Yellow
7 Ametheus Premium Golden Sella Basmati Supreme 80071 80072 80075 800710 800720 800725 800750 Green
8 Ametheus Regular Golden Sella Basmati Celebration 70071 70072 70075 700710 700720 700725 700750 Pink
9 Ametheus day2day Golden Sella Basmati Rice day2day 60071 60072 60075 600710 600720 600725 600750 Yellow
10 Ametheus Premium Biriyani Basmati Rice Supreme 80081 80082 80085 800810 800820 800825 800850 Green
11 Ametheus Regular Biriyani Basmati Rice Celebration 70091 70092 70095 700910 700920 700925 700950 Pink
12 Ametheus day2day Biriyani Basmati Rice day2day 60101 60102 60105 601010 601020 601025 601050 Yellow
13 Ametheus Tibar Basmati Rice Celebration 70111 70112 70115 701110 701120 701125 701150 Pink
14 Ametheus Dubar Basmati Rice Celebration 60121 60122 60125 601210 601220 601225 601250 Pink
15 Ametheus Mogra Basmati Rice Celebration 50131 50132 50135 501310 501320 501325 501350 Pink

Supreme: Green
Celebration: Pink
Day2day: Yellow

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