OPC 53 grade cement is used for cost effective speedy constructions where initial higher strength is the criteria. It provides long lasting durability to concrete structures. This cement is used in high rise residential & commercial buildings and also for pre-stressed concrete of higher grades. OPC 43 Grade Cement takes less setting time and provides long life to concrete structures such as residential & commercial buildings, RCC water tanks etc. This cement is commonly used for House construction RCC works, where initial setting time is not of importance. PPC cement is a blended portland pozzolana cement, which is best suited for for non -building concreting works like brick/ block walls construction, flooring, plastering as chances of developing cracks are less due to low heat of hydration.

Types: Cement OPC 43 | Cement OPC 53 | Cement PPC | Premium Cements

Brands: ACC | Ultratech | Ambuja | Dalmia | Vasavdatta

Cement 1000 kgs

1 metric ton = 1 ton jumbo bag packed in 45-48 kgs pp bag , HDPE bag (if required onceused fine quality bag , jumbo bag (1 metric tonne ) and also can be delivered in loose packing.

We can offer cement packed in 50 kg bag in paper bags. 1 metric ton = 1000 kgs which can be packed in (21 to 22 kg bags)



The roof is another most important aspect of a house or a building. After all, its that vital part of the house which provides shelter and protection. But in the process of doing so it has to bear the brunt of harsh environmental forces and dangerous air pollutants.

Specially designed to provide extra protection and strength, compared to ordinary cements. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art CVRM technology. This gives the cement an optimal particle size distribution, which in turn, enables denser concrete. The dense concrete guards against cracks and water leaks, ensuring that the roof lasts for generations.


The 43 Grade OPC cement  possesses superior level of quality. Our test certificates of the product depicts vividly that the quality level of the 43 Grade OPC cement is far superseding the specified requirements of the product. Some of the salient features of the product are given below:-

Gigantic compressive strength for superior grade of concrete and for economizing the project:
Presence of consistent quality of cement grade Lime stone, which makes it possible to go for the most stringent quality standards and hence the compressive strength obtained for 43Gr.OPC is superior and at least 10 Mpa higher than the specified requirements of BIS standards for all ages viz 3 days, 7days and 28days. This offers mighty strength to the concrete structures with extreme degree of durability and enables higher grade of concrete with cement content lower than that specified for the grade. There is also a possibility of reducing the cement content for a given grade of concrete if the same can be replaced with fine mineral admixtures to economize your project.

Airstrip Cement

Infrastructure services can be carried on successfully and consistently only when you have abundance of quality cement. Be it manufacturing airstrips or building roads and flyovers, you can’t do without cement.

For example, is used extensively in cementing airstrips due to its high impact load bearing capacity. Airstrip cement is so special and unique that it was transported all the way from factory in Tamil Nadu for cementing the defense airstrips by the Indian government in Panjab.

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