Dome Thermal Camera M6 Series

Dome Thermal Camera M6 Series

M6 Series is a vehicle mounted PTZ thermal camera system developed for outdoor hunting, search, and rescue. It can rapidly be installed on the vehicle roof by a pressurized suction cup or securely mounted on a rack.

M6 Features 

Higher Image Quality

640*512 high-resolution and 50Hz no-stuttering infrared sensor, the image is clear, smooth, and delicate.



360° Continues Rotation

360° continuous rotation in horizontal and 90°~-90° in pitch. Directly drive by brushless motor, with low noise and stable performance.



Multiple Output Interface

Adopt standard monitoring input and output interface, support analog video output, H.264 network output, PELCO-D control protocol. It can be easily connected to home or land monitoring system.



Extreme Temperature Resistance

IP56 Rating makes it suitable for extreme weather.  It has a wide operating temperature range (between -20~60℃) ,can suit any conditions. Equipped with a IP69K Rating Waterproof design to protect against dust and rain.



Cool/Warm Mage Hue

Users can experience visually clearer imaging quality with rich details, highlight targets under cool hue, while warm hue gets softer imaging avoiding visual fatigue brought by long-time viewing.


Adjustable contrast allows users to choose the optimal viewing experience, balancing target visibility and background details.



M6T25 Technical Specification

Parameters M6T25
Detector   Specifications
Type Vox
Resolution,   pixels 640×512
Pixel size,μm 12
Spectrum   Range,μm 8~14
NETD,mk ≤50
Frame rate,   Hz 50
Optical   Specification
Objective   Lens,mm 25
Field of   View(H×V),° 17.5×14.0
Imaging Range ≥3
Digital   Zoom,x 1 / 2 / 4
Image   Processing Digital filter noise   reduction / digital detail enhancement
Azimuth Range 360° continuous   rotation
Pitch Range 90°~+90°
Physical   Specification
Wi-Fi/APP Support (InfiRay   outdoor)
IP Rating IP56
Operating   Tempeture,℃ -20~+60
Weight,g 2000
Dimension,mm φ133mm, 188mm high
Laser Pointer Yes
Laser   Rangefinder Yes
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