Equity and Debt Capital Raising.

Ametheus® has capabilities to provide clients with a complete capital model (equity and debt) specifically designed for complex transactions for a broad range of property and infrastructure projects.

Developer & Construction Finance:
The major Indian banks have made significant cutbacks to real estate developers/builders and have substantially increased their requirements before they will approve financing. Substantial non-bank construction funding facilities to meet this need are available.

Provision of a complete service for developers to obtain this construction funding including ensuring their documentation and systems align with the standards required by the financier, and if not, advising them how to bring their systems up to the required standard including;
Ω Working with the developer and making the application to the financier.
Ω Negotiating with the financier on the client’s behalf.
Ω Finalizing the loan facility.

Funding of Public Companies by Share Placements and Bonds:
Ω Ametheus® has teamed with international finance providers to offer BSE & NSE listed companies funding by way of share placements and corporate bonds.
Ω Bespoke quantum and funding structure.
Ω Funding agreement can occur within a month of execution of mandate.
Ω Funding programs can be once-off or structured over a period of time.
Ω Innovative and cost-effective funding.

Share Placement Process:

Scoping Stage:




Negotiation & Structuring:


Closing of Financing:


Preliminary evaluation, including scoping by Ametheus with funder/investors Client Board Resolution Initiation of calls between funder and CEO/CFO of listed client Finalise pricing of base floor price and VWAP (volume weighted average price) of shares
Mutual NDNCA and IMFPA Ametheus®-Client Mandate Agreement Additional information Pricing period
Preliminary placement objectives Initiation Fee Draft terms of funding Finalise & execute agreements
Terms of engagement & draft Mandate Agreement Announcement of appointment of Ametheus® as international advisor Agree terms Issue shares, funds remittance and announce to BSE & NSE