Stock Exchange Listings

Three exclusive services:

1. Capital Solutions.
2. Indian & China Market Entry.
3. Stock Exchange Listings & Indian IPO.

1. Capital Solutions:
IPO’s and RTO’s for Indian Companies on Stock Exchanges in India, Hong Kong, UK and the USA.
Private Company Capital Raising.
Working Capital Facilities.
Asset Securitizations.
Commercial Finance.
Private placements for Pre-IPO Companies.
Private Placements for Listed Companies.

2. Indian & China Market Entry:
India & China have become one of the largest markets in the world. An increasingly affluent middle class is evolving, which is longing for quality products and services from the West. Moreover, tens of thousands of Indian SMEs have production cost advantages that are hard to find in developed nations. In order to capitalize on these advantages, one not only needs significant skills and experience in selecting distributors and suppliers, but also in the way contracts with Indian & Chinese partners should be written. A comprehensive on-site due diligence exercise is indispensable.

Setting up your own local presence is the logical continuation of your Indian & China endeavors. There are, however, decisions to be made concerning the legal entity to do so, and bureaucratic hurdles to overcome before you have succeeded in setting up shop there. We have many years of experience doing it – and we will gladly help you, too.

A comprehensive suite of services aims to enhance the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of Foreign brands entering in India & China via:

Market Research and Strategic Analysis.
Capital Raising & JV Structuring.
Local Strategy Implementation.
Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting.

Benefits include:
Ω Extensive connectivity to high level Indian & Chinese networks (government, state owned enterprises, private companies) with a reputation as a Partner, driven partly by the reputed PR & management consultants.
Ω  Align interests of Foreign Brand and Indian & Chinese Strategy by protecting the Foreign Brand name while at the same time promoting local ownership and technology innovation.
Ω  Bridges the different perceptions and expectations of Foreign Brands and their Indian & Chinese partners, thereby saving cost and time.
Ω  Provides local Indian & Chinese proven execution capability for Foreign Brand entering India & China.
Ω  Protects against future disputes and enhances long-term sustainable partnerships between Foreign Brands and their Indian or Chinese partners.
Ω  Providing local Indian or Chinese ownership increases the chances of local investment and local exits through M&A

3. Stock Exchange Listing & Indian IPOs: We have connection with fund managers who has significant experience in listing Indian companies on the BSC & NSE. Following the listing, we are able to continue to assist you with post-listing support.

We have a network with a specialist in listing companies on the BSE & NSE and, acting as lead manager, we take 100% responsibility to achieve the listing for clients.

Where it is appropriate for the Indian client to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, UK Stock Exchange or on Nasdaq or another American exchange, we can work with the client and our associated capital markets professionals in those countries to achieve the listing there.