Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or organic growth is not always feasible, nor is it always the fastest route to achieving desired objectives in a competitive marketplace. Increasingly, corporations and investors are moving beyond the traditional acquisition/disposal model and using joint ventures (JVs) and strategic business alliances to achieve their business development objectives.

Alliances play a key role in a corporate growth strategy. They are an alternative to the organic option of building a new business from the ground up, or the inorganic option of making an acquisition. 40% of US/European CEOs plan to pursue a new strategic alliance or joint venture to drive corporate growth or profitability in the coming year.

Even as partnerships and strategic business alliances are becoming more important to CEOs, the challenge of managing them is rising. The need for trust, collaboration, and equitable risk-sharing make these arrangements far more delicate to navigate than traditional M&A transactions.

Alliances, if done well, can lead to out-performance and competitive advantage. Ametheus® assist the clients in identifying right JV partners to make successful strategic alliance based on 7 Factors:

Ω Put Strategy First.
Ω Invest in joint upfront planning.
Ω Plan the end.
Ω Create Trust
Ω Start small.
Ω Keep track.
Ω Build enterprise-wide capability.

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