Hessian Jute Bag

Hessian sacks made in India & Bangladesh are better than those made in various parts of the world because Bangladesh’s organic jute is the strongest globally. These bags made from original jute are used to store things like coffee beans, cocoa, potatoes, onions, and more. Jute hessian bags can also be used to collect soil, sand, and clay, which are often used by the military. This is a good bag for product lines that are sensitive to moisture because the fabric is woven, which lets the contents breathe. Sandbags made of hessian can hold a lot of sand to keep water from getting into homes. They have been around for a long time and are the best way to protect against flooding. It is used by the horticulture and construction sectors to keep things from getting damaged by the cold, thus hessian fabric is used a lot. Because the jute fabric is biodegradable, it’s good for things that need to be recycled or degraded. Fabric can be used for a lot of different things in agriculture, like protecting seeds, landscaping, and controlling weeds. Also, it can be used for a wide range of textiles, like carpet padding and furniture padding.

Bags are used to store and pack varieties of goods and commodities such as sand, pulses, grain, potato, onion, sugar and tobacco. The bags are tailored for packing goods upto 60 kg of weight. These bags serve important purposes specially in geo based industries and other industries such as construction, cement making etc.

Hessian Cloth ( Burlap)

There are many different types of gunny sacks made out of natural hessian that are used to ship things like coffee beans and rooibos, but they aren’t the only type. It is breathable, so it doesn’t get wet and makes the contents go bad. When bulk burlap is shipped, it is also strong enough to handle bumps and bruises. The qualities of these natural burlaps also have led to their use as a temporary wet cover to keep cement and concrete from drying out quickly while setting. There are many different ways to use hessian/burlap, but it is also very common to use it as sandbags. Hessian bags are used to build temporary flood barriers or field fortifications. Hessian is also often used to move unprocessed “green” tobacco around a lot. In much the same way that coffee is made, this material can also be used for many of the same things. Because hessian is so strong, a burlap sack can last for up to three years in the tobacco industry and can hold up to 200 kg of tobacco. Cloth is also used for general packing of goods or commodities, such as cotton or wool.

A plain weave cloth made wholly of Jute with single warp and weft interwoven weighing not more than 576 grms/m2. All types of standard and non-standard Hessian Cloth from 4 Oz to 14 Oz in weight. Width upto 200 c.m., construction as per customer specification, and requirements. Ametheus is capable of making Hessian cloth from 22″ to 100″ of various weights ranging from 5 oz to 14 oz / square yard. Our producing mills specializes in natural, full bright, semi bright, bleached and dyed cloth. Cloth can be packed in bales of various yards / meters and also in rolls ranging from 75 to 500 yards / meters.


  • Hydro carbon free
  • Width from 22″ to 100″
  • Weight from 5 oz to 14 oz.
  • Natural , Full bright , Semi-bright, Bleached and Dyed Hessian Cloth
  • Packing – Plastic / Iron bound , Bales and Rolls as per requirements.

Natural Hessian
Bleached & Dyed hessian Cloth
Food Grade Jute products
Special hessian Cloth
Stiffened hessian Cloth
Fine Hessian Cloth

Hessian Jute Bag Measurements
18″X28″ = 230-240gr
22.5″X37.5″ = 360-380gr
42″X32″ = 400-430gr
21″X42″ = Onion bag

Hessian Cloth weight: 40″/7oz. 45″/9oz
Packing: 1000 Yards per Bale.
Hydrocarbon free hessian cloth: It is a hessian fabric made from jute treated with vegetable oil and is totally free from the presence of hydrocarbon. Thus the fabric is free from hydrocarbon. Such bags can be safely used for packing of coffee, cocoa, peanut beans or other food grains without any contamination of hydrocarbon. Such bags are also free from any kerosene smell.
Specification of Hessian Cloth
Specification of Jute Yarn by Monami Impex Ltd
Sl.No. Quality Ozs/linear Yd.
1 11 Porter X 12 Shorts, Hessian Fabric of 40″ Width
(8 lbs/Spy Warp Count X 9.75 Lbs/Spy Weft Count)
2 10 Porter X 12 Shorts, Hessian Fabric of 40″ Width
(8 lbs/Spy Warp Count X 8.75 Lbs/Spy Weft Count)
3 9 Porter X 9 Shorts, Hessian Fabric of 40″ Width
(8 lbs/Spy Warp Count X 9 Lbs/Spy Weft Count)
4 9 Porter X 8 Shorts, Hessian Fabric of 40″ Width
(8 lbs/Spy Warp Count X 9.75 Lbs/Spy Weft Count)