Jute Yarn or Twine


There are many types of jute yarn. Craft, fashion, and display industries all have uses for jute twine, a vegetable fiber twine made from jute plants that are commonly used in the arts and crafts business. Jute twine can be used for a lot of different things, like making crafts, packaging, and wrapping. Jute yarn is used a lot in the carpet industry. The carpet industry has used different types of yarn, but jute is one of the best. This allowed the carpet industry to give its customers high-quality carpets at a good price, which is what most people want. As one of the top jute yarn exporters and manufacturers in India & Bangladesh, we can guarantee our customers that our yarn is high-quality, which is one of the most important things that every buyer or trader wants to make sure of before they buy it. However, there are a lot of manufacturers who say they can offer cheap jute yarn prices in India & Bangladesh but don’t meet international standards.
Available from 4 lbs. to 48 lbs in single or multiple twists. Meeting the quality requirement of customers need. Winding in cylindrical / conical / coneless spools or hanks as per requirement.
Additional Information: Quality-CB, CRM, CRT 100% Tossa, Oil Content 2%.

For usage in carpet industry, cable industry and for multiple other usage. Also available in bleached dyed and blended jute yarn in different colours and compositions.

Jute Dyed Yarn: We offer an exclusive assortment of jute dyed yarn that is dyed in a plethora of attractive colors and can be used for making various handicrafts such as bags and others. Available in different counts, these jute dyed yarns are widely demanded by our customers for their excellent quality, high endurance capacity and competitive pricing.

Jute twine: A twisted natural jute fiber used in packaging, craft, gardening, critical house hold applications. Because of its softness and good  sewing and tying qualities jute twine is a great packaging  material  for all items.  Polished Jute Twine is still used by Post Offices worldwide.

Jute garden twines, preferred by Agriculturists and Horticulturists, are available in green or natural. All jute twines are manufactured according to customer requirements. Besides these we can provide CB & CRT yarn.

Measurement of Jute Yarn

Hessian Quality Jute Yarn Sacking Quality Jute Yarn Packing







28/1 Spool

28/1 Cops

28/3 Hanks

All packed in 10kg Spool. 6 Spool in one truss.


Specification of Jute Yarn