Paints & Adhesives

Hydro Seal waterproofing chemicals

It is a combination of organic and inorganic components that reacts with Portland cement to produce complete hydration. The increased hydration not only provides internal curing & a much denser cement paste but also increases the early & ultimate strength of concrete thus produces highly durable impermeable concrete or mortar, for the protection against water leakages.


Product Advantages

  • Completely water tight cement concrete or plaster.
  • Resist water penetration & absorption in to concrete & plaster surface.
  • Increase density & strength of the Cement mortar by reducing water to cement ratio.
  • Helps reduce salt precipitation , efflorescence & fungal growth.
  • Helps Crystallization of cement particles.
  • Gives protection to cement surface against vapors of acid & alkali.

Swimming Pool Tile Grout

When it comes to swimming pool tile installation, using a high-quality pool grout is equally if not more important than your adhesive.


The smart solutions in our range of swimming pool grouts also work to combat high humidity, erosion from water movement (to which grout at the waterline is particularly exposed), as well as chemical damage cause by vigorous, deep cleansing procedures.

When Bostik pool tile adhesive and grout is used, your pool will be watertight and will maintain the utmost levels of adhesion and flexibility.

Swimming pool tile grout: Adhesive technologies

  • Acrylic grout
  • Epoxy grout
  • Urethane grout
  • Cement grout


Royale play stucco

Some things are best written in stone. With Royale Play Stucco, you can create finishes inspired by marble and other stone surfaces. It is a lime based plaster with a high sheen and smooth finish. Apply a layer of Royale Protective coat to get best washability performance.



special effects

special effects

Five effects like marble, cobbled, slate, igneous and quartz are created using a variety of tools.

easy application

easy application

Specially formulated such that it is easy to apply, allows the tools to move smoothly, retaining the pattern left by the tool. It is possible to obtain egg-shell to glossy finishes.

Heatx Synthetic Adhesive Pidilite

Fevicol HeatX is a synthetic solvent borne rubber based adhesive made with a special formula for having excellent heat resistance property up-to 170°C temperature. Fevicol HeatX is having Excellent heat resistance & Quick grab property without spring back action on curved surface, and this property is helpful in vertical applications.


Asian Paints Acrylic Wall Putty

In order to retain remarkable position in this industry, we are providing a wide array of Asian Paints Acrylic Wall Putty.



  • Unadulterated
  • Balanced composition
  • Purity


  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Farm houses