(A) International Freight Forwarding
(B) Express
(C) Ecommerce
(D) Charter
(E) Cross Border Transactions (CBT)

(A) INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING: With a global network spanning six continents and strong partnerships with major air, ocean and ground carriers, Ametheus Logistics offers reliable, competitive international freight solutions that support the growth and expansion of your business in new and existing markets.

We offer tailored, flexible multimodal solutions to cater to specific cost, time and routing needs. We are dedicated to constantly devising new freight models and competitive solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Our special capabilities include handling trade disputes, quota issues, and customs and quarantine procedures. We also stay abreast of changing trade and tax policies and emergency measures to mitigate the risk of delay and ensure our customers enjoy high level of cost-efficiency.

Our scope of services includes:
Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Road Freight
Rail Freight
Industrial Project Logistics
Customs Brokerage
Risk Management Consultancy
Insurance Brokerage Consultancy

(B) EXPRESS: Ametheus Logistics provides comprehensive, competitive regional B2B, B2C to B2B2C express services in Asia, Europe & USA , delivering total solutions along the supply chains.
Our services include same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and less urgent economy services. We also offer a wide array of value-added services, including home delivery, web tracking, hold at location, cash-on-delivery, delivery by appointment, and more.

Same Day Delivery: Immediate pickup and door-to-door delivery in the shortest possible time.
Next Day Delivery: Domestic delivery by the end of the next business day.
Next Day Delivery before 9:00: Nationwide door-to-door delivery by 09:00 on the next business day.
Next Day Delivery before 12:00: Nationwide door-to-door delivery by 12:00 on the next business day.
Next Day Delivery before 17:00: Nationwide door-to-door delivery by 17:00 on the next business day.
2-Day or 3-Day Economy Delivery: Cost-effective nationwide domestic delivery within 2 to 3 business days is also available for less urgent shipments.
Value-added Services: Our add-on services include home delivery, re-packing, e-commerce, direct marketing, customized service, web tracking, web booking, onsite services, hold at location, cash-on-delivery, invoice return, delivery by appointment, and more.

(C) ECOMMERCE: To support your O2O businesses, we offer total eCommerce solutions to meet your marketing and logistics needs – from B2B, B2C to B2B2C. Our omni-channel fulfilment solutions cover eCommerce order fulfilment, cross-border distribution to last-mile delivery with complete visibility.

Onboarding Services: Our multi-channel online sales solutions support e-tailers to set up and manage their online stores on the global marketplace.

Cross-Border Logistics: 11 services we cover.
1. Shipment Pickup: Milk-run service to pick up eCommerce shipments from suppliers or factories and deliver to designated fulfilment warehouse or sortation hub.
2. Order Fulfilment and Warehousing: Warehousing at origin and destination to provide eCommerce shipment order fulfilment, such as pick/pack and relabeling.
3. Consolidation: Parcel consolidation at origin and delivery in bulk to worldwide destinations to save international shipping costs for individual buyers.
4. Sortation: Fully automated sortation hub to sort eCommerce shipment by destination countries.
5. International Line Haul: International freight to transport eCommerce shipment across countries.
6. Postal Delivery: Professional postal delivery to cover multiple destinations.
7. Customs Clearance: Together with our customs brokerage agents to offer origin and destination customs clearance solutions.
8. Last-Mile Delivery: Domestic express to deliver eCommerce shipment to end customers at destinations.
9. Cash on Delivery: Collection of payment from buyers upon delivery and remittance to sellers.
10. Reverse Logistics: Leveraging our logistics facility network worldwide, we offer return management, re-sale, disposal, relabeling, quality control and more.
11. Order Management: In-house order management to manage shipment at order level with online track and trace, data analysis and API integration with last-mile courier service providers.

(D) CHARTER: Customized charter to cover destinations across the globe for break bulk shipment.

(E) CROSS BORDER TRANSACTIONS (CBT): For example, if Any local Indian company (seller) want to supply anything to another Indian company (buyer) from out of India and if Buyer wants to open L/C (Letter of Credit) in USD/EURO then where the seller will receive that LC/or advance in foreign currency if he does not have an overseas company? If He does not open a foreign company and bank account, then Indian buyer company might give this business to any other foreign company. In this scenario Ametheus® provides CBT solution to the Indian seller acting on his behalf to supply the goods from an overseas country.