We offer quality and well-cleaned raw pulses that are available with natural characteristics. A wide variety of raw pulses of various origins are available with Ametheus. Cultivated using best farming practices, each grain is allowed to reach its optimal maturity before harvesting. The crops are sufficiently dried before undergoing the threshing process to obtain the grains, i.e. the raw pulses. The grains, thus obtained are sent for pre-cleaning and drying so that it can be kept in storage until it is sent for further processing. This is how we bring wholesome, odor less and market quality raw pulses for food processors, commercial millers of pulses and requirements from other agro-food industries.

Processed dal (Split Pulses) are obtained from raw whole pulses after sorting, cleaning, conditioning, grading, bagging and sometimes dehusking and splitting them. Ametheus is one of the prominent pulses suppliers for wholesalers and retailers. We offer hygienically cleaned, sortexed quality processed pulses that are prepared using best technology. The ready-to-cook utility of processed dal makes them ideal for use in various food preparations.

Top 6 Pulses:

Chickpeas are valued for its high fibre and protein content. Part of legume family, chickpea is one of the earliest cultivated pulses and is mainly grown in the Middle East region. Chickpeas are popular as garbanzo bean in Spain, Ceci beans in Italy and as Bengal gram in India.

Ametheus offers quality chana dal in huskless split for Kabuli and Desi Chickpea varieties. Split chana dal is a staple of Asian households and obtained by removing the outer layer of chickpeas that are further split. Easy to digest, this yellow pulse is nutritious, high in fibre and low in glycaemic content.

Toor whole is also known as pigeon pea and is savoured for its light taste. Black Tiger Corporation exports superior quality toor dal that is available at most competitive prices and various packaging. Toor whole comes in number of varieties.

Toor Dal or huskless split pigeon peas are perennial legumes. It is in fact a common food grain used widely in Asia, Africa and Latin America. They are cultivated in tropical and semitropical regions of the world as sole or as intermixed crop with cereals.

We offer superior quality red lentils in variety of packaging for both football and split varieties. The dehulled red lentils are consumed around the world in two forms which are the footballs (whole form) or in split form. Red lentils are easy to cook and are eaten for their high nutritional value.
Lentil split dal comes in different varieties and colors which include red, green, yellow and brown. Unlike beans, split lentils are easy to prepare and take considerably less time to cook. Lentil split dal is basically part of legume family and is grown for its lens shaped seeds.
They are cultivated and processed under strict industrial standards. Lentils belong to the legume family and are found in many varieties and colours. About 3-4 lens shaped seeds which are storehouse of proteins and carbohydrates are encased within the pods. The football lentils are those lentils which have been processed in the mills and dehusked to remove the outer layer.
Green lentils have a higher concentration of fiber content which helps in lowering cholesterol, preventing constipation, reducing risk of heart diseases etc. Ametheus exports the whole seed variety of green lentils as per the customer requirements.

Black Matpe is also known as vigna mungo, black gram and black lentil. Its nutritional value is high and that is why it is recommended for diabetics. Black Tiger Corporation offers the two most popular varieties.

Urad dal is commercially called as black matpe huskless split or white lentil. The pulse is split and skinned to remove the outer black layer. Split urad dal is a little bland in taste and the flavour is not as strong as that of urad dal. This pulse is extensively used in the culinary preparation of variety of Asian dishes.

Ametheus offers premium quality urad dal gota (whole) or black matpe huskless without split. Black matpe whole, cultivated using best farming methods in Myanmar, is sourced by BTC and processed further into urad dal gota (huskless) using industry’s finest standards.

Urad dal chilka, also known as black matpe with husk split or split black gram is a lentil that has been split with outer black skin intact. Split black gram with visible creamy white interiors is easier to cook in comparison to whole urad pulse.

Green and yellow peas are both part of the legume family. The green peas are known as the powerhouse of vitamins. The yellow peas on the other hand are popular for their versatility in providing nourishment. We offer authentic supply of bulk requirement of peas cereals around the world. Quality and reliability is our benchmark, and we never compromise on it. We ensure that all checks, quality standards and regulatory polices are followed while exporting products.
Split yellow peas are obtained from dried, peeled and split pod fruits of Pisum sativum (commonly known as peas). The splitting of peas help in reducing the cooking time and is done either manually or through mechanical separators. The split yellow pea is consumed as a natural source of proteins and has highest amount of fiber.

Green moong is known by diverse names which include moong beans, green gram and golden gram. Ametheus offers a whole range of green moong varieties which includes Pede, Annyar, Taungu Shwewar and Pahkokku.

Ametheus offers moong dal or GMB huskless split moong bean in three sizes which includes bold, medium and small sizes. It is also known as huskless split green gram or split green gram skinless. The highly nutritious pulse has mustard to off-white coloured grains.

Moong dal chilka or the split green mung are processed from green mung whole. It comes with olive green outer layer. Split mung beans reveal the soft textured, sweet flavoured and off-white interiors. This pulse is popular in Asian culinary preparations as it is easy to cook and digest.
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