Technology Commercialization

New technologies can offer great promise and support long-term growth objectives. But creating economic value from innovations requires a thorough understanding of the market, competing technologies, the direction of development, technical risk, and more. We help companies overcome these challenges with our technology commercialization support services.

Through an in-depth analysis of the market, IP, technical, and competitive landscape, we help companies identify the best approaches to adopt and monetize new technologies, while also outlining the roadmap for long-term profitability.

Our specialist evaluate sophisticated technologies and inventions to identify their commercial potential and revenue requirements. Our clients include global technology giants, as well as commercialization advisory firms, universities, research institutions, and R&D teams of global conglomerates.

Support Services for Technology Commercialization:

 Technology Assessment:
Assessment of technology products and innovation in terms of their strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. We conduct IP and market analyses to deliver insights on the market opportunity, regulatory environment and provide recommendations for improvements. We also evaluate innovations for potential infringement and assess subject patent claims to recommend potential bundling opportunities.

 Competitor Assessment:
We perform competitive IP due-diligence to identify direct and indirect competing technologies and their impact. Additionally, we carry out competitor bench-marking to provide a comparative analysis of your technology/products against the competition to identify if there are any superior technologies on the horizon.

 Marketing and Commercialization Strategy:
We conduct target market analyses to uncover potential market penetration opportunities, including market and regulatory barrier analysis. We recommend potential commercialization strategies and opportunities for strategic partnerships/licensing.