• Capital Solutions
  • Indian & China Market Entry
  • Management Consulting
  • Stock Exchange Listings & Indian IPO
  • Equity and Debt Capital Raisings

IPO’s and RTO’s for Indian Companies on Stock Exchanges in India, Australia, Hong Kong, UK, Germany and the USA.

  • Private Company Capital Raisings.
  • Working Capital Facilities.
  • Asset Securitizations.
  • Commercial Finance.
  • Private placements for Pre-IPO Companies.
  • Private Placements for Listed Companies.

A comprehensive suite of services aims to enhance the effectiveness and long-term sustainability of Foreign brands entering India & China via:

  • Market Research and Strategic Analysis
  • Capital Raising & JV Structuring
  • Local Strategy Implementation
  • Assessment, Monitoring, Reporting

Benefits include:

  • Extensive connectivity to high level Indian & Chinese networks (government, state owned enterprises, private companies) with a reputation as a Partner, driven partly by the reputed PR & management consultants.
  • Align interests of Foreign Brand and Indian & Chinese Strategy by protecting the Foreign Brand name while at the same time promoting local ownership and technology innovation.
  • Bridges the different perceptions and expectations of Foreign Brands and their Indian & Chinese partners, thereby saving cost and time.
  • Provides local Indian & Chinese proven execution capability for Foreign Brand entering India & China.
  • Protects against future disputes and enhances long-term sustainable partnerships between Foreign Brands and their Indian or Chinese partners.
  • Providing local Indian or Chinese ownership increases the chances of local investment and local exits through M&A

Due to our international presence, we are able to offer a variety of management consulting services that help entrepreneurs deal with challenges related to overseas expansion. Major focal points include:

Indian & Chinese Market Entry Strategy: India & China have become one of the largest markets in the world. An increasingly affluent middle class is evolving, which is longing for quality products and services from the West. Moreover, tens of thousands of Indian SMEs have production cost advantages that are hard to find in developed nations. In order to capitalize on these advantages, one not only needs significant skills and experience in selecting distributors and suppliers, but also in the way contracts with Indian & Chinese partners should be written. A comprehensive on-site due diligence exercise is indispensable.

Setting up your own local presence is the logical continuation of your Indian & China endeavours. There are, however, decisions to be made concerning the legal entity to do so, and bureaucratic hurdles to overcome before you have succeeded in setting up shop there. We have many years of experience doing it – and we will gladly help you, too.

Trademark Protection: Before you go about exporting your products or services, you should make sure your trademarks are protected in your target market(s). In India & China, for example, the entity first using your trademark is considered its owner (this does not apply to world famous brands, however the list of brands Indian & Chinese courts would consider world famous is rather short). Therefore, it is strongly advisable to register your trademark(s) before entering the Indian & Chinese market.

Solving HR Issues: Setting up subsidiaries overseas naturally involves the search for suitable executives and staff, and at a later stage possibly the resolution of labour issues in unfamiliar jurisdictions. We are here to help.

We have significant experience in listing Indian Chinese and other companies on the BSC & NSE. Following the listing, we are able to continue to assist you with post listing support.
We have network with specialist in listing companies on the BSE & NSE and, acting as lead manager, we take 100% responsibility to achieve the listing for clients.

Where it is appropriate for the Indian client to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, UK or Germany Stock Exchange or on Nasdaq or another American exchange, we can work with the client and our associated capital markets professionals in those countries to achieve the listing there.

Equity and Debt Capital Raisings: Ametheus® has capabilities to provide clients with a complete capital model (equity and debt) specifically designed for complex transactions for a broad range of property and infrastructure projects.

Developer Construction Finance: The major Indian banks have made significant cutbacks to real estate developers/builders and have substantially increased their requirements before they will approve financing. Substantial non-bank construction funding facilities to meet this need are available.

Provision of a complete service for developers to obtain this construction funding including ensuring their documentation and systems align with the standards required by the financier, and if not, advising them how to bring their systems up to the required standard including;

  • Working with the developer and making the application to the financier.
  • Negotiating with the financier on the client’s behalf.
  • Finalising the loan facility

Credit-focused Financing Solutions for Mid-Market Companies: Non-bank debt for India based public or private companies requiring access to smart, creative solutions across all layers of the capital structure is able to be sourced. Our highly experienced team is capable of providing creative solutions to complex dynamics.

Rates are typically in the mid-teens and can be for any industry other than property. Deals sizes of $40-$200M with flexible terms with costs adjusted to each borrower’s capacity and bespoke covenant packages.

Unrated Wholesale Bonds: Ametheus® can source either secured or unsecured wholesale loans commencing at $20M-$100M with a tenor of 5-10 years via the issue of unrated Bonds. The Bonds will bear a fixed interest rate payable semi-annually or quarterly in arrears at the BBSW + X%. Lead times are around 2 months to arrange loans of this type.

Funding of Public Companies by Share Placements and Bonds:

  • Ametheus® has teamed with international finance providers to offer BSE & NSE listed companies funding by way of share placements and corporate bonds.
  • Bespoke quantum and funding structure.
  • Funding agreement can occur within a month of execution of mandate.
  • Funding programs can be once-off or structured over a period of time.
  • Innovative and cost-effective funding.

Share Placement Process:

Scoping Stage:


Negotiation & Structuring:

Closing of Financing:

Preliminaryevaluation, including scoping by Ametheus with funder/investors

ClientBoard Resolution

Initiationof calls between funder and CEO/CFO of listed client

Finalisepricing of base floor price and VWAP of shares


Ametheus®-Client Mandate Agreement



Preliminaryplacement objectives


Draftterms of funding

Finalise& execute agreements

Termsof engagement & draft Mandate Agreement

Announcementof appointment of Ametheus® as international advisor


Issueshares, funds remittance and announce to BSE & NSE