(A) Cross Border International Transactions (CBIT)
(B) Strategic Alliance & Joint Ventures.
(C) Merger & Acquisition.
(D) Overseas Business Setup & Job Placement

For example, if Any local Indian company (seller) want to supply anything to another Indian company (buyer) from out of India and if Buyer wants to open L/C (Letter of Credit) in USD/EURO then where the seller will receive that LC/or advance in foreign currency if he does not have an overseas company? If He does not open a foreign company and bank account, then Indian buyer company might give this business to any other foreign company. In this scenario Ametheus® provides CBIT solution to the Indian seller acting on his behalf to supply the goods from an overseas country.

We at Ametheus® have a panel of experts to develop a clearly articulated strategy and a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) plan that reinforces that strategy. After in-depth study of the companies’ financials and assimilating management’s objectives, we deliver a set of cost effective options which also pave the way for long term profitable growth. We provide concept to completion solutions on a turn-key basis for executing M&A transactions covering the entire gamut of critical components of an M&A transaction, be it structuring, tax, finance or regulatory.
Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services includes:
Ω Developing the sales strategy as well as establishing price expectations and realistic valuation parameters.
Ω Involving tax and industry focused professionals to assist in developing the most beneficial environment for the sale.
Ω Identifying and assessing prospective purchasers in your sector, nationally and internationally using our worldwide network.

Acquisition Funding:
There has been a significant increase in the number of acquisitions by Indian companies, both domestic as well as overseas. Acquisition financing plays a critical role in the success of inorganic growth planned by the acquirer. Based on each client’s unique requirements, we advise on acquisition financing through appropriate financing structures.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or organic growth is not always feasible, nor is it always the fastest route to achieving desired objectives in a competitive marketplace. Increasingly, corporations and investors are moving beyond the traditional acquisition/disposal model and using joint ventures (JVs) and strategic business alliances to achieve their business development objectives.

Alliances play a key role in a corporate growth strategy. They are an alternative to the organic option of building a new business from the ground up, or the inorganic option of making an acquisition. 40% of US/European CEOs plan to pursue a new strategic alliance or joint venture to drive corporate growth or profitability in the coming year.

Even as partnerships and strategic business alliances are becoming more important to CEOs, the challenge of managing them is rising. The need for trust, collaboration, and equitable risk-sharing make these arrangements far more delicate to navigate than traditional M&A transactions.

Alliances, if done well, can lead to out-performance and competitive advantage. Ametheus® assist the clients in identifying right JV partners to make successful strategic alliance based on 7 Factors:
Ω Put Strategy First.
Ω Invest in joint upfront planning.
Ω Plan the end.
Ω Create Trust
Ω Start small.
Ω Keep track.
Ω Build enterprise-wide capability.

We offer market-entry services to foreign entrepreneurs and companies looking to set up a new business or expand their existing business to a new country.  At Ametheus®, we offer incorporation services for all business entities in your desired country. Whether you are a fledgling start-up with an innovative idea or an established offshore corporation looking to make an entry into the new market, we have the right solution for you. We will provide you turnkey solution from business setup to buy existing business using our M&A services.

Setting up subsidiaries overseas naturally involves the search for suitable executives and staff, and at a later stage possibly the resolution of labour issues in unfamiliar jurisdictions. We are here to help in such case to solve your HR related issues providing overseas HR consultancy for global companies, recruitment agencies, overseas placement consultancies and HR departments helping them with fast, high-quality, and specialized recruitment solutions from India. We have excellent connections with other consultancies and industries located overseas.

As an overseas recruitment agency, we work closely with our clients providing them Consultancy for their Overseas Jobs requirements with active support from our qualified team of professionals, foreign job agents, overseas job agencies, recruiters in Dubai, London, Canada, USA, UK, Gulf, Middle-East, and India. We are acclaimed a top international overseas consultant for industries. We also function as an overseas employment agency for candidates.

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions for overseas Oil and Gas Industry, IT, Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, Farming , Packaging  Industry and more. Using a huge database of qualified, trained and skilled professionals we are able to successfully meet the diverse needs of different industrial needs.

Top Job Profiles for which we can provided Overseas HR Consultancy (but not limited to):

EPC Project:
Ω Process: Lead Engineer, Senior Engineer, Process safety Engineer, Designer
Ω Electrical: Senior Engineer, Senior Automation Engineer, Senior Designer, Lead Engineer,
Ω Mechanical (Static/Rotating/Packages): Lead Engineer, Senior Engineer,
Ω Plant Design & Piping: Stress Engineer, Material Specification Engineer, SP3D Layout Engineer, SP3D Layout Designer, Senior Designer Checker,
Ω Instrument & Controls: Senior Engineer/ Engineer,
Ω Civil & Structural: Highway Engineer, Bridge Engineer, Senior Highway Designer,  Steel Detailers.
Ω Procurement: Expediting Specialist, Supplier Quality Specialist,
Ω Project Control: Project Managers, Project Control Manager, Scheduling Engineer, Safety Engineers,
Ω Other: Operation Technicians, Sheet Metal Fabricators, Scaff Holders, QA/QC Engineers,
Ω Engineers:  mechanical, civil, electrical , Design and instrument engineers,
Ω Labours: Riggers, Welders, Pipe Fitters & other skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled Labours,

Packaging Industry:
Ω Midlevel: Packaging Manager, Packaging Supervisor, Packaging Contractor,
Ω Labour: Food Processing Labour,
Ω Process:  Labelling and Packaging Engineer,
Ω Other: Production/Packaging Technician