Zinc Concentrate

After the ore mineralization complex, a product called zinc concentrate is produced, which technical specifications include the grade, type and amount of other minerals associated with it.
Zinc concentrate usually range in the range of 25-30% sulfur and different amounts of other metals such as iron, lead and silver and sulfur must be separated before zinc metal is extracted by hydroelectrically and pro metallurgical techniques. This work is done through simulation or through zintering. Ametheus can sell low-grade zinc concentrate, medium-grade zinc concentrate and high-grade zinc concentrate all over the world.


Protecting steel against corrosion is the most important market for zinc, representing 60% of zinc use worldwide.

Zinc and Zinc alloy coating can be applied on steel coil and wire via continuous galvanizing, on premanufactured steel structure via hot dip batch galvanizing or general galvanizing. Thermal spray is the process used for oversized steel structures.

From household fixtures, construction and infrastructure to transport, industrial machinery, communications, electronics to automotive components: zinc die castings positively impact our lives on a daily basis.



Battery Grade Zinc

Zinc-based battery chemistries have lately drawn great attention for grid-scale energy storage due to their material abundance and high safety, Battery Grade Zinc has an extremely low impurities level, which ensures a long zinc battery service life.

Recycling zinc

Although the world is naturally abundant in zinc and the resources are available to meet the demand for many generations to come, zinc can be recycled economically. Its intrinsic value helps ensure collection and recovery which is good news for the environment.

Types of Zinc & Zinc Alloys

Continuous Galvanizing Zinc Alloys
Batch Galvanising Zinc Alloys
Zinc Diecasting Alloys
Super Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc