Ametheus® works as a buying house and consultant in basic sectors like Commodities, Jute Goods, Healthcare and provides 360 degree solutions in Ship Breaking, Finance & Real Estate.

1. Commodities: https://www.ametheus.com
Metals & Minerals: Scrap, Base Metals, Ferro Silicon, Iron Ore, Pig Iron, Molybdenum, Chrome Concentrate, Lithium, Rough Diamond.
Building Materials: Construction Materials, Ceiling / Tiles /Flooring, Plywood & Timber, Iron, Steel & Copper Items, Steel Pipes 1st & 2nd Choice,   Bitumen.
Agri Commodities includes Basmati Rice, Long & Short Grain Rice, Corn, Feed Ingredients, Pulses, Red Chilli, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cardamom, Big Cardamom, Cloves.
Jute Goods: We can provide Sacking jute bag and cloth, DW Sacking Bags, Hessian Jute bag & cloth, Printed bags, Jute Yarn & Twine, Jute Ropes.

2. Ship Breaking: We are interested in importing old demo ship for demolition purpose in Alang ship breaking yard to make scrap. Our requirements are: 1.Bulk Carrier, 2.Container Ships, 3.Oil Tanker, 4.Car Carrier, 5. Roll on -Roll off (RoRo) Ships. Lightship weight should be above 2500 LDT to 20000 LDT. Bigger ship can be 40,000 LDT to 42000 LDT.

3. Healthcare: Ametheus® deals in biotech, gloves and life-saving medicines in a range of anti-retroviral, anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, lipid lowering agents, anthelmintic, analgesic, antipyretic and anti-cancer drugs. Please visit our healthcare site: www.ametheushealth.com

4. Real-estate: Ametheus® connects people & property perfectly. The integration of property sales with lending capabilities we leads a home buyer from “I think” to “I own” proposition.

5. Finance: Business ideology of Ametheus® is providing services in Trade Finance, Equity and Debt Capital Raising, Stock Exchange Access, Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture.

Corporate site: www.ametheus.com
Healthcare site: www.ametheushealth.com

Our upcoming web portals are:
www.assetorix.com (Real-estate Inventory sales)


Who We Are?

Ametheus provide unique amalgamation in sourcing and service sector while putting purpose at the core of what it does. At Ametheus we simply try to find out way that works. Our vision is simple but bold – we aspire to create the sourcing chain as per buyer’s demand and to help our customers navigate the digital economy. Supported by its strong logistics framework, and a trade network built over decades of interaction with the global export industry, Ametheus promises to source and supply products of the highest standards to any part of the world.

What we do?

At Ametheus, we move grains, metals, minerals and associated raw materials from source to end consumer. Our goal is to contribute to world trade and economic development in sustainable and responsible manner. Our customers and supplier base benefits from our bespoke service model across the entire commodity value chain, including: sourcing, marketing, logistics and storage, hedging and risk management, and structured finance solutions. In real-estate segment The integration of property sales with lending capabilities we leads a home buyer from “I think” to “I own” proposition, at no extra cost. Overseas buyers can buy properties through direct TT payment or using financial instrument like LC/BG which is an exclusive service offered by Ametheus to its clients to conclude the deal at utmost safety of money.


We conduct target market analyses to uncover potential market penetration opportunities, including market and regulatory barrier analysis. Increasingly, corporations and investors are moving beyond the traditional acquisition or disposal model and using joint ventures (JVs) and  strategic business alliances to achieve their business development objectives. So we recommend for potential commercialization strategies and opportunities for strategic partnerships or licensing to obtain the maximum benefit. We can assist you in arrangement of finance specially LC etc. so you can perform your trading activity. You can use our overseas companies & bank coordinates to complete your trade transection. Avail our customized strategic support to complete your international trade.

Contact Us

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