Goals of Ametheus are as follows:

A. Healthcare service with purpose.

1. To provide high-quality medicines to customers worldwide through the convenient platform of Ametheushealth.com from India, Bangladesh , UK.

2. Consultation with the best Doctors.

3. AI enabled report analysis and 2nd opinion from the specialist Doctors.

B. Strong HR company through aavataar.com

C. To introduce a peer-to-peer digital payment service utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology for cross-border prepaid and post-paid transactions, including digital escrow services through Aalphaa.com from Gift city India, Estonia and Hong Kong.

D. To establish a presence in the real-estate marketplace industry through Assetorix.com from India and USA.

E. To obtain membership in the NASDAQ stock exchange and to enhance transparency in physical commodity trading using Biggtrade.com price and sourcing data from USA.

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