Gypsum is a raw material used mainly in the production of plasterboard and is also a key ingredient for producing cement. It has been the material of choice since ancient times for building structures do to its fire-resistant qualities. The two variations of Gypsum are Natural and Chemical Gypsum. Natural Gypsum can be found from mining sedimentary rocks whereas Chemical Gypsum can be found in by-products of phosphate chemical fertilization and in energy production. We trade both CFR and FOB basis, we can export around 1 million MT of Gypsum annually.

We originate Gypsum from Thailand, Oman, Iran, Philippines, and Hong Kong. Our destination markets are Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Full Specifications – These are the key indicators of the commodity’s quality in a standard average. Results can vary depending on the origin of the item and on the requirements of the buyer. 

Items Standard Typical Result
CaSO4. 2H2O (=Purity) : Min 95% (by SO3 method on dry basis)
Moisture : Max 3%  
Size : Max 55 mm  

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