Clinker is the core ingredient in producing cement. Commonly 3 – 2.5mm in size, and produced by sintering limestone. Ametheus can source clinker from one of the largest traders of clinker in the Asia Pacific region supplying over 5 million tons of clinker annually.

Our exceptional performance and over twenty years of experience has allowed us to build strong partnerships with global cement manufacturers and end users. We trade Cement, Grey Clinker, White Cement, White Cement Clinker, Special Cement, Dry Mortar, SRC Cement, and SRC Clinker. We have progressively expanded our sources for clinker to offer the most competitive rates under both CFR and FOB terms.

Trade Flow:

We originate cement clinker from China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, UAE, and India. We work with the leading cement producers such as Shanghai Conch, SsangYong, Taiheiyo, Asia Cement, TPI Polene, Vicem, Ultratech, Fujairah Cement, and gulf cement.

Our destination markets for cement clinker are South China, Philippines, Bangladesh, East and West African countries, and South America.

Key Specifications – These are the key indicators of the commodity’s quality in a standard average. Results can vary depending on the origin of the item and on the requirements of the buyer.

Items Standard
Cao 64.5 Min
MgO 5 Max
C3S+C2S 70 Min
In accordance with ASTM C150 Type 1

Full Specifications – The standard column shows the average results from testing and the typical column shows what variance to expect from the specified origin. We can offer specifications from a range of suppliers and below are samples for reference. View>

Items Standard Typical Result
SiO₂ (%) min 20.0 22.41
AI₂O₃ (%) 3.5 – 6.5 5.17
Fe₂O₃ (%) 2.5 – 5.0 3.35
CaO (%) min 64.5 65.68
MgO (%) max 5.0 0.94
SO₃ (%) max 0.5 0.37
Loss on Ignition of clinker, (LOI) (%) max 1.0 0.45
Insoluble Residue of clinker, (%) max 1.0 0.55
Na₂Oɋd (Na₂O + 0,658K₂O) (%).
Total Alkali
max 0.9 0.69
Free CaO (CaOtd), (%) max 1.5 0.95
Moisture of clinker, (%) max 0.6 0.25
Tricalcium silicate (C₃S), (%) min 52 57.5
(C₃S + C₂S), (%) min 70 78.34
Tricalcium aluminate (C₃A), (%) max 9.0 8.04
C₄AF(%) 9.0 – 14.0 10.19
LSF(%) 90 – 102 92.47

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