Ametheus is a Structured Trade Finance (STF) facilitator and Sourcing Agent for Commodities and Healthcare. Through direct collaboration with the world’s leading mining companies and industrial organizations, we supply high-quality raw materials. Additionally, Ametheus offers consultancy services in Real Estate. Our company has a presence in India, Hong Kong, Estonia, and in the USA.


Metals & Minerals: Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scrap, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Ferro Silicon, Iron Ore, Pig Iron, Chrome Concentrate, Dore Gold.
Building Materials: Cement (bulk and bagged), clinker, slag, gypsum, limestone, fly ash, solid fuels, and bulk commodities that meet the strict international standards. Construction Materials, Ceiling / Tiles /Flooring, Plywood & Timber, Iron, Steel & Copper Items, Steel Pipes 1st & 2nd Choice,   Bitumen.
Chemicals: Fertilizer, Industrial Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Additives, Industrial Salt
Agri Commodities include Basmati Rice, Long & Short Grain Rice, Corn, Feed Ingredients, Pulses, Spices.


Ship Breaking: We are interested in importing old demo ship for demolition purpose in Alang ship breaking yard to make scrap. Our requirements are: 1.Bulk Carrier, 2.Container Ships, 3.Oil Tanker, 4.Car Carrier, 5. Roll on -Roll off (RoRo) Ships. Lightship weight should be above 2500 LDT to 20000 LDT. Bigger ship can be 40,000 LDT to 42000 LDT.


Healthcare: Ametheus® deals in life-saving medicines in a range of anti-retroviral, anti-infective, anti-viral, anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetic, lipid lowering agents, anthelmintic, analgesic, antipyretic and anti-cancer drugs. Please visit our healthcare site:

Real-estate: Ametheus® connects people & property perfectly. The integration of property sales with lending capabilities we lead a home buyer from “I think” to “I own” proposition. Please visit our real-estate portal:

Finance: Business ideology of Ametheus® is providing services in Structured Trade Finance, Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Strategic Alliance & Joint Venture.


Corporate site:
Healthcare site:

Our upcoming web portals are: (Real-estate Inventory sales)

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